Solo: Abby Green… Check out this whole website!

Goode Company plays renaissance festivals and events. Bill Harris sings, plays marimba, and percussion. Stephanie Gudeman sings, plays recorders, and shawms. Abby sings and plays bouzouki.

Istanpitta Early Music Ensemble plays medieval music at Texas Renaissance Festival, other festivals, events, and concerts. Abby provides vocals and percussion as scheduling allows. Abby appears on 3 of Istanpitta’s CDs.

Misstanpitta formed out of Istanpitta. Three of Istanpitta’s most awesome singers re-arranged Medieval music for 3 acappella voices. We have released one CD together titled Quant Je Suis.

Black Market Street Band consists of 3-6 singer/guitar players (except Abby plays bouzouki, not guitar). Each with his or her style, the group comes together ccontributing to each others' favorite songs.

Silver Singing Telegrams! Abby offers singing telegrams for all occasions in Silver City, New Mexico.

Please email Abby at or call 575-590-2509.