The Boatman (Fear an Bháta)

I first heard this song on a recording by PIRATES!  The group Pyrates Royale recorded a most heart tugging version of this song.  I changed a few things (like you do), but tried as hard as I possibly could to keep the sentiment.  EJ Jones appears on this track with a single flute.  He weaves his own improvised melody and harmonies that grow in intensity throughout the track.  If I'm in half a mood, this song turns my eyes into puddles.

I climbed the mountain.  I scanned the ocean for thee my boatman with fond devotion.

When shall I see thee?  Today, tomorrow?  Oh do not leave me in lonely sorrow.


  Curfa:  A fhir an bháta 'sna hóró éile.  Mo shoraid slán leat gach áit a dtéid thú

Chorus:  Oh boatman, and a la la la.  My fond farewell wherever you go


From passing boatmen, I fain discover if they have heard of or seen my lover.

They never tell me. I'm only chided. They say my heart has been sore misguided.


My friends they tell me the time to sever all thoughts of you from my heart forever.

Their words are idle, my passion swelling, untamed as oceans can halt no welling.


I cannot hide it. My heart's devotion is not a season's brief emotion.

My love since childhood began to seize me, and nere shall fade 'til death release me.

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