Gu Braighe Loch Iall

This is a song in Scottish Gaelic.  The song is better known for the version Rachel Waker recorded.  If you are unfamiliar with Rachel, search her immediately after looking through my website and purchasing my CD.  In all sincerity, she is amazing and well worth a few minutes or dollars on iTunes.  Her version is sweet with piano accompaniment.  My version uses a more rhythmic feel, well, after the a cappella introduction, and the Scottish small pipes played by EJ Jones add to the feeling of being right there with the grazing cattle and singing girls.

O thèid is gun tèid, O thèid mi thairis

Gu innis nam bò Far an ceòlmhòr ainnir


Sèist: Ill ò bha hò S'na hao ri ri rì o hi

Hoireann o gù o hill ò bha hò


Gu Bràighe Loch Iall, Far am bith fiadh s'an langan

Is earbag nan stùc Tha lùghmhor eangar

Mo beannachd ad dhèidh, Ged is fheudar bhith dealaicht


Oh, I will surely go, I will go over

to the grazing cattle where the girls sing songs


Chorus: La la la....


To the Braes of Locheil where the stags bellow

And the wee roe of peaks so nimble.

My blessing to you though we had to part

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