Fig for a Kiss (Na Ceannabháin Bhana & Gaire Na mBan)

Two slip jigs.  The first one is Na Ceannabhain Bhana which has but one verse.  I have heard it on many recordings.  With only one verse, it should be pretty simple, right?  

The second one is Gaire na mBan or Laugher of the Women.  The tune for this song shows up in sessions as Fig for a Kiss.  This is one of the few jigs or reels that I know that actually has words that make some sense and has a pretty good image or message -- possibly my new theme song. 

For this set of tunes, EJ Jones adds a couple of flute tracks to give a little bit of a session flavor.   

Na Ceannabhain Bhana


Gairm fhéin, gairm fhéin, gairm fhéin,
 gairm fhéin Micil is Máire

Gairm fhéin,gairm fhéin,gairm fhéin,
 Seo iad na ceannabháin Bhana


Cuirfidh mé, cuirfidh mé, cuirfidh mé,
 cuirfidh mé suas ag sadbh Sheáin thú

Cuirfidh mé, cuirfidh mé, cuirfidh mé,
 Is cuirfidh sí buirín sa ngleann ort 

Good for you (bravo), Michael & Mary

Here are the white-haired women.


I will send you up to good Sean's  

& she will put  a spell on you in the glen


Gaire na mBan - Laugher of the Women

Tune:  Fig for a Kiss 


Rinnce 's ceol biodh againne, Gliogar is sport is ragairne

Buailimis ceol go fearuil, Is gealainnis croithe na mban.


Curfa:  O ro na cailini 's buachailli oga fearula

Rince, ceol is ragairne, Aileacht is gaire na mban.


Sios is suas an macha linn, Anonn 's anall 's isteach aris

Tuagimis cuairt is casadh, Is blaisimis beola na mban.

Seinimis duain is canaimis, Caithimis susas ar mbratacha

Ce bheadh duairc faoi mhairg, Nuair a Chifeach si gaire na mban.

Dancing and music had we chat and sport and reveling

We played great music and waved to the women


Chorus:  O the girls and the young manly boys

dancing, music and revelry, the beauty and laughter of the women


Up and down the yard we went to and fro and through again

visiting with and tasting the lips of the women


Playing songs and singing we threw off our clocks

Who could be gloomy or sorrowful around the laughter of women

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