Quant Je Sui

Which one of these is not like the other????  OK, so this is the only song on the CD that isn't Irish, or even Scottish, or even Celtic in any way.  I hope you enjoy it anyway!

I got my true start in folk style performance with Istanpitta.  The music we perform is Medieval.  There are elements that I draw from my classical training but there is also a very earthy quality that I think attracts a wide audience into an otherwise undiscovered genre.  This song is one of my all time favorite songs that I learned working with Istanpitta.  It is a medieval French song by Guillaume de Machaut.  If you have any interest in medieval music, you won't go wrong exploring his body of work.  He was a man ahead of his time in my opinion.  

An amazing recorder player, Annette Bauer, brought the song to full glory one weekend when she added to the vocal line in a way I really can't explain except to say that it drew me into a place to perform the song with a full and completely open heart.  I always return to that experience when I sing this song.  I wish I could have had Annette play on this recording, but I did my best to capture the feeling in a solo setting.

Quant je sui mis au retour, De veoir ma dame,  Il n’est peinne ne dolour, Que j’aie par m’ame.

Dieus! C’est drois  Que je l’aim sans blame  De loial amour.

Sa biauté, sa grant doucour, D’amoureuse flame, Par souvenir nuit et jour, M’esprent et enflame.

Et quant sa haute valour,  Mon fin cuer entame, Servir la weil sans folour, Penser ne diffame.


When I return to see my lady,  I feel neither pain nor sorrow, by my soul.

Heavens, it’s only right,  That I should adore her without blame,  And with faithful love.

Her beauty and great charm arouses and inflames me night and day with passion.

And if in her great courage she should accept my sincere love, I will serve her without deceit without infamous thoughts.

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