Nead Na Lachan

This set of slip jigs begins with a traditional Irish tune (if you know the name, let me know).  Then it jumps immediately into a song called Nead Na Lachan, or if you're a session instrumentalist, you may recognize the tune as The Foxhunter's Jig.  I learned this song from a harpist and singer, Caera Aislingeach.  She put together a book and CD of children's songs in Irish.  I haven't actually colored any of the pictures, but I have learned several of the songs.  The beautiful Scottish Smallpipes you hear are made and played by EJ Jones.

Nead na lachan sa mhúta

‘s cuirfidh mé amach ar an gcuan thú.

Béarfaidh mé currach is criú dhuit

Ceannóidh mé slat is d’rú dhuit

The duck’s nest in the moat.

And I will send you out in the bay.

I will get a canoe and crew for you.

I will buy a rod and line for you.

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