A performer at heart since childhood, Abby Green would sing for family members, some of whom would fall asleep during the performance.  That did not discourage her.  She graduated Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas in 1997 having collected many musical awards.

Abby released her first solo CD, Éíníní, in 2008. One reviewer remarked, "quite simply, gorgeous. Her voice is polished without ever sounding slick or generic."  When Fig for a Kiss was released in 2011, another reviewer commented, "Her considerable talents with the language, and in music, are on ample display with the release of her excellent second album."  In early 2015, Abby's first book, a collection of songs was published.  This work is born from the belief that traditional music is meant to be shared.  She wrote and arranged harmonies for many of the choruses hoping to create a world where audiences and groups of people will sing some of this amazing music together.  With the release of her third CD in 2015, Why Should I?, Abby plans to proceed into 2016 with an ambitions publicity campaign focused toward performing at folk & Celtic related festivals and small venues, such as house concerts, worldwide. 

Whether the song calls for energetic rhythms or chord choices that echo the intensity of a broken heart, Abby plays her Irish bouzouki and shares her rich soaring voice to tell the tale in Irish, Scots Gaelic, and in English.  As a native Texan, her love of Celtic songs, languages, and tunes has been a true journey of discovery.  She enjoys unlocking the treasures of beautiful music often hidden behind the veil of languages unusual to our English speaking eyes and ears.  

As a full time musician, she performs with Istanpitta Early Music Ensemble as  lead and harmonizing vocalist, frame drum percussionist, and storyteller.  She can be heard on three Istanpitta CDs.  Abby has also enjoyed singing and recording with Texas Early Music Project and collaborating with other independent artists.  Her work has been preserved in both live and studio performances.

Today, Abby lives on 10 acres in south Texas with her talkative grey cat, Stoli. In between musical travels, she uses the property to build small efficient cabins to demonstrate green-living ideas.  Green CHAI, the Ranch is a work in progress, and welcomes visitors who enjoy building, crafting, or just relaxing.

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